EcoFlow Pro Garden Irrigation Kit - (Incl Auto Timer)


Our Ecoflow Pro 20 garden irrigation kit is a comprehensive easy to install system designed to make watering your garden as easy and as efficient as possible. The standard kit can water as many as 20 separate pots and can easily be extended with our 'add on' flexible tubes and fittings.

The Ecoflow Pro 20 is perfect for watering garden shrub borders, flower beds, vegetable patches, plant pots and even greenhouses, and our Pro kit comes with an automatic timer so you don't even need to be at home to turn the tap on!

All parts included in our systems are manufactured to a reassuring quality and easy to install with comprehensive part listing and installation diagrams printed on the box.

Each kit contains the following:

  • 25m of 13mm supply pipe
  • 25m of 6mm dripper pipe
  • 1 hose connector
  • 1 pressure regulator
  • 1 automatic timer
  • 1 punch
  • 20 dripper spikes
  • 20 self compensating drippers
  • 3barbed elbows
  • 2 barbed tees
  • 2 barbed straight connectors
  • 3 barbed stops

You can also buy add on parts listed separately in our webshop to extend this kit, including hose coils, drippers, stakes and barbed fittings.