How Extruded Plastics Help Agriculture, Farming, And Dairy/Milk Industries

How Extruded Plastics Help Agriculture, Farming, And Dairy/Milk Industries

The versatility of plastic extrusions makes them ideal for use in agriculture, farming, and dairy industries. This extremely durable material can increase efficiency and maintain excellent hygiene standards for farming professionals like you. We explore how extruded plastics in agriculture, farming and dairy can help your business.

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The benefits of plastics in agriculture, farming, and dairy production

The versatility of plastic extrusions, as well as ease of process and customisation, makes them an excellent choice for agriculture, farming, and dairy production. Extrusions can be made to fit different profiles and business requirements, offering numerous benefits including:

  • High flexibility
  • Strength up to 4,000 psi
  • Hardness up to Rockwell 70
  • Temperature resistance up to 160°C/320°F
  • Some plastic extrusions are recyclable or biodegradable

These factors, alongside the inexpensive nature of extruded plastic, make it the ideal solution for many problems faced by the agriculture, dairy, and farming industries.

Different ways extruded plastics are used in farming, dairy, and agriculture businesses

Extruded plastics in dairy farming

There are several problems dairy farmers face. The first is in terms of conventional containers for storing milk. These are often not designed with hygiene or durability as the main focus, making the risk of contamination and milk quality a key concern. The inexpensive nature of plastic extrusions, as well as its hygienic properties, make it a great solution for you.

Similarly, outdated and inadequate pipework materials can compromise not only the hygiene standards you have but also risk ruining the final product. Regular maintenance is time-consuming and can lead to significant downtime, reducing your profits.

Our silicone dairy tubes are manufactured from a high-grade compound, offering high tear strength and improved durability. Silicone is a non-porous material and non-toxic, preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring no contaminants enter the milk throughout the process.

Greenhouse construction

Many of the traditional materials used in greenhouse construction lack the durability and insulation required for an energy-efficient solution. Plastic extrusions can be used to create lightweight and weather-resistant frames and supports. The added benefit of many plastics is that they can also withstand exposure to UV radiation.

Extruded plastic fencing

As with greenhouses, the traditional materials we see in fencing require regular maintenance. The time, money, and energy to maintain this type of fencing is essential, as otherwise, it can lead to escapes and injuries within your livestock.

Extruded plastic is durable and low-maintenance while offering excellent resistance to weathering and chemicals. This means that you’ll spend less time maintaining fences and more time on other areas of operation.

Plastic plumbing and irrigation supplies

Insufficient water availability and uneven distribution can cause problems with crop growth. Yield and quality are reduced with inconsistent water supply, making it vital for agriculture to create effective plumbing and irrigation systems.

Micro irrigation tubes are some of the key products used to help eliminate your problems with uneven distribution and inconsistent water supplies. These extremely flexible and pliable tubes are not prone to kinking, ensuring a consistent supply of water. They are available in 25m and 50m coils to be fitted directly only barbed fittings, drippers, sprayers, and 13m PE supply pipes.

Protective coverings for machinery

Machinery is vital to improving the efficiency and productivity of farms. Poor protection for your equipment can lead to the rapid acceleration of wear and tear on machinery, causing lifespans to decrease and making the machines less effective. Agricultural plastic extrusions can be created in a variety of shapes, ensuring that your equipment has the perfect cover to protect it.

Dairy barn ventilation

Effective ventilation is key for your livestock, preventing health issues and improving productivity. While natural ventilation is ideal, it isn't always possible. In those circumstances, ineffective ventilation can be the result of using traditional or poor-quality materials, whereas extruded plastic is low maintenance and durable. This creates effective systems to improve the air quality in barns, poultry houses, and other structures.

Manure management

Manure is a constant on dairy farms and for those of you keeping other livestock, such as pigs and horses. Ineffective manure management can not only contribute to environmental pollution and odours, something many farmers are conscious of, but it can also lead to the spread of diseases and pests within agriculture.

Our medium-duty PVC suction and delivery hose is manufactured in the UK and available in a range of diameters to suit your needs. Reinforced with a rigid crush-resistant white PVC helix, it is resistant to the effects of cold and hot weather and is tough, flexible, and durable. This plastic extrusion is ideal for sewage and waste disposal.

Regulatory requirements for plastics in agriculture and farming

Regulatory requirements are vital to agricultural, farming, and dairy production. They ensure that safety is at the forefront of everything you do. At Tramsam Extrusions, we can help you create systems designed to meet different industry standards, including the below:

  • Food Contact Materials (FCM) Regulations
  • UK REACH Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006
  • Environmental Protection Act 1990
  • Agricultural and Horticultural Act 2021
  • Waste Management Regulations
  • British Standards (BS)

We also hold the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, which is the international standard for quality management systems (QMS). Our dedicated staff are knowledgeable not only in this standard but also in the potential regulatory requirements you face and can help you navigate these challenges. 

Explore custom plastic extrusions for farming, dairy, and agriculture

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to the challenges faced within the agriculture, dairy, and farming industries. This is why, at Transam Extrusions, we pride ourselves on using our 30+ years of experience to help you find the right answer.

Extruded plastics in agriculture and farming industries can be designed to fit various industry requirements. We work with clients in agriculture, farming, dairy production and more to create the perfect solution for their needs. Contact Transam Extrusions to see how we can help you, or use the button below to call us.

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