We manufacture a range of bespoke flexible profiles, all of which are made from various grades of PVC.

Generally we follow a design presented to us by a client by way of a drawing or sample and by working closely together, finalise material specification to produce the finished article.

Profiles Designs

Profiles can be designed for many applications, typical examples include:
  • Solid cords
  • Flat strips
  • Angle sections
  • Squares and triangles
  • Split tubes
  • U Channels
  • D Sections
  • T Sections
  • Irregular shaped gaskets and seals
  • Multibore Tubes
design & tooling

Usually a bespoke tool is made to match the design and this is charged separately to the customer, who can then decide between whole or part ownership. Tools vary in cost from £100 to many thousands of pounds depending on the size and complexity of design. 

We also have many tools of our own that may be suitable for your application.

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