About Transam

At Transam we are passionate about British manufacturing and our ethos is to offer our client base the quality of product and excellence of service expected of a motivated UK manufacturing company. We strive for excellence through investment in extrusion, in the machinery we purchase, in technology and quality, and the continual push for greater efficiency in our process. Our staff & employees are an integral part of our business and the reason we hold the prestigious BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.
Our Customers both current & future.
Transam Extrusions

Our clients and customers are our livelihood and we look after them. Our customers are in effect our business partners and communication, product knowledge, logistics and problem solving are what we specialise in.

If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and understanding partner in your supply chain, then please contact us and we will be only too happy to discuss your requirements, and work with you to provide solutions.

We continue to supply our loyal customers throughout the UK and beyond with their quality products and remain totally focused on providing 100% satisfaction to our client base.

Office Tel: +44 (0)1582 883883

Email: Enq@transamltd.co.uk

UK Manufacturers

Transam Extrusions is one of the UK's leading plastic pipe and profile manufacturers and produces a wide range of plastic extrusions, both flexible and rigid in many different materials. Flexible PVC Tubes and Pipes, Flexible & Rigid pipes & Profiles, ABS pipes & Profiles, PVC Profiles , Industrial Suction and Delivery Hoses, UPVC (Rigid) Pipes and UPVC (Rigid) Profiles.

As a family business, we have been extruding plastics since 1990 and have over 30 years of experience in the production of extruded pipes and profiles. We manufacture & supply extrusions to our clients in the UK, Europe and the Far East and our products are manufactured at our premises in Bedfordshire.

We operate out of two production facilities based in Bedfordshire, incorporating 11 extrusion lines, and 2 co-extrusion lines. We also have 3 warehouses and a separate office hub and occupy in excess of 25,000 square feet.

We hold a large stock range of flexible PVC tubes, suction and delivery hoses, electrical underground ducting and trade DIY profiles as well as manufacturing hundreds of bespoke profiles to our clients demands.

We are passionate about British manufacturing and our ethos is to offer our client base around the world the quality of product and excellence of service that is expected from a UK manufacturer.

We have invested heavily in plant and machinery over the last decade and we continue to do so as we strive to continuously improve. We incorporate a modern plastic extrusion facility with combined factory and storage space of nearly 25000 square feet, with 10 extrusion lines and associated down stream equipment, manufacturing products from 3mm- 125mm in diameter.

Sales and Technical Help

Transam Extrusions has been in operation for over 30 years and has a wealth of experience in materials and product design and logistics.  We are dedicated to helping and advising our clients both current & prospective - so please call us with any questions or requirements that you have.

Office Tel: +44 (0) 1582 883883

Email: enq@transamltd.co.uk


Quality is key to our very existence and at the core of our business!  We have been operating under ISO for many years and we work very hard to keep this prestigious quality assurance accreditation. We have just received the latest certification of ISO 9001:2015


  • Better quality products and services
  • Continuous improvement
  • Improved reporting and communication
  • More reliable scheduling and delivery
  • High standards maintained via constant annual assessments
  • Fewer mistakes