Flexiduct Smooth Bore Cable Ducting

Available in 100m or 50m coils. Extremely tough and durable. Manufactured in the UK. Same or next day delivery.
High-Quality Underground Cable Ducting

Designed to be installed underground, these cable protectors are extremely tough and durable. Transam manufactures a range of smooth bore electrical plastic ducting made from recycled black Polyethylene (MDPE). The duct is produced in a range of sizes that are compatible with the industry standard product range. 

Transam Extrusions manufacture a wide range of cable ducting products, and large stocks are always available on site for same day or next day delivery.

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Transam Electrical Plastic Cable Ducting

Pipe Dimensions Coil Length Product Code Price
32mm x 37mm 50m/100m TDUCT32 POA
38mm x 44mm 50m/100m TDUCT38 POA
48mm x 54mm 50m TDUCT48 POA

Each size of our cable ducting is available in 100m or 50m or coils with "electric" embossed at 1 metre intervals. It is also available in cut lengths for specialist applications. MOQ’s apply.

Flexiduct Cable Ducting Manufacturers in the UK

All of our Flexiduct cable ducting products are manufactured in the UK, and we use the highest-quality machinery and materials to allow us to produce the best items for our customers. We are passionate about British manufacturing and our ethos is to offer our client base around the world the quality of product and excellence of service that is expected from a UK manufacturer.

We incorporate a modern plastic extrusion facility with combined factory and storage space of nearly 25000 square feet, with 10 extrusion lines and associated down stream equipment, manufacturing products from 3mm- 125mm in diameter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cable ducting used for?

Cable ducting is used to protect cables from damage, manage cables and make them more tidy, and to hide them out of sight.

What is the minimum depth for cable ducting?

Underground electricity cables are usually buried between 0.45m and 1m below the surface of the ground, in ducts, or may have a layer of tiles, boards or coloured plastic tape placed approximately 150mm above them.

Do you manufacture your electrical cable ducting?

We do! At Transam Extrusions, we’re one of the UK's leading industrial cable ducting manufacturers. We produce a wide range of bespoke flexible and rigid plastic extrusions including medical-grade thermoplastic tubes, pneumatic & hydraulic hoses and polyethylene tubes. As flexible manufacturers, we have an in-house team ready to create high-quality cable ducting to your exact specifications and requirements.

What materials do you manufacture in?

We manufacture in Flexible PVC, UPVC, ABS, Polythene, (LDPE & HDPE) Polypropylene, HIPS, Polyurethane and various TPE including Santoprene.