High-Quality Nylon Tubes

Manufactured from prime engineering materials. Excellent chemical and heat resistance. Suitable for push fit fittings. Produced to exacting tolerances.
Durable Nylon 12 Tubes

Nylon12 is a very stable material, giving excellent resistance to chemicals and oils and it has an extremely high abrasion resistance. Its molecular structure makes it very tough and durable and therefore an obvious choice in the Hydraulics & pneumatics industry.

It has very good physical properties and heat resistance, Moisture has significant effect on properties, Very good heat resistance, Excellent chemical and wear resistance. Available in Natural, Black, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow.

Nylon Tube Sizes

O/D (mm) I/D (mm) PSI Coil Length
4.0 2.5 400 30m/100m
5.0 3.0 400 30m/100m
6.0 4.0 350 30m/100m
8.0 6.0 350 30m/100m
8.0 5.5 350 30m
9.0 6.0 300 30m
10.0 7.0 300 30m
10.0 8.0 220 30m/100m
11.0 8.0 200 30m
12.0 9.0 250 30m
12.0 10.0 200 30m

Features of Transam Extrusion’s Nylon Tubes

  • Temperatures: -35°C to +70°C. Occasional use up to 120°C. Brittle point: -70°C. *
  • Manufactured from prime engineering materials, which conform to RoHS & WEEE Directives
  • Produced to exacting tolerances
  • Tolerances conform with BS5409 Parts 1 or 2 Dimensional tolerances and raw materials conform with SAEJ844 3A (Un-reinforced) & DIN 73378/DIN 74324-1)
  • Remarkably stable
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Good durability when used at a wide range of temperatures and pressures
  • Resistant to the crushing, cracking, abrasion and work hardening associated with the vibration of machinery
  • Good resistance to a wide range of chemicals
  • The material is heat and light stabilised making it ideal for a variety of outdoor uses
  • Lightweight
  • Very flexible
  • Good bend radii
  • Suitable with both the latest push-on fittings and the more conventional compression fittings.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What is nylon tubing?

    Nylon tubing is a unique kind of tubing made from polyamide resin. It provides an increased bend radius and added light and heat stabilization compared to many other tubing options. Nylon tubing also offers improved temperature and pressure resistance.

    What are nylon tubes used for?

    Nylon tubes are mainly used in industry, and primarily used in areas such as: robotics, hydraulic hoses, fuel lines, vacuum lines, vapor lines, brake lines, air lines, oil processing lines, chemical processing lines, and tool lubricating systems.

    What are the benefits of Nylon 12 tubes?

    Nylon 12 is a good general-use plastic with broad additive applications and is known for its toughness, tensile strength, impact strength and ability to flex without fracture. This makes it a perfect grade nylon to use for tubing.

    Do you manufacture your nylon tubes?

    We do! At Transam Extrusions, we’re one of the UK's leading nylon tubing manufacturers. We produce a wide range of bespoke flexible and rigid plastic extrusions including medical-grade thermoplastic tubes, pneumatic & hydraulic hoses and polyethylene tubes. As flexible manufacturers, we have an in-house team ready to create high-quality nylon tubing to your exact specifications and requirements.