UPVC Profiles and UPVC Pipes

UPVC or rigid PVC does not contain plasticiser and therefore maintains a robust rigid appearance.

Transam Extrusions manufacture UPVC profiles for a wealth of industries including:

  • Construction and building
  • Engineering
  • Garden & Aquatics
  • Sport and leisure
  • Agriculture & Irrigation
  • Furniture Manufacture
  • DIY and decoration
  • Point of Sale
  • Children’s Education
  • Secondary glazing
  • Advertising
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Trade DIY Profiles

As with the flexible PVC profiles, non standard UPVC profiles are usually made to a bespoke design after consultation with our clients. A tool is then manufactured and the profile is fine tuned until the customer requirements are matched.

We can manufacture profiles from 5mm to 100mm wide in lengths up to 6m and we have many tools on site which we own. Give us a call or contact via our 'contact form' to see if we have tooling in house to match your requirements.

The way in which this material is extruded is very different to that of flexible PVC, therefore tooling costs are generally more expensive and the design of the product and of the tool itself is very different. We are however flexible in our approach as to how tools are paid for so please contact our sales office to see if we can help you.

Listed below are some of the profiles we currently manufacture:

  • ‘L’ Sections
  • Angle sections
  • Channel sections
  • ‘T’ Sections
  • Corner sections
  • Flat strips
  • Split Tubes
  • Bespoke irregular shapes
  • Protective edging profiles and angle

Call our sales office for technical assistance and a competitive quotation on 01582 883883 and buy online by visiting our on line shop


Transam Extrusions also hold stocks of angle profiles which we sell in quantities as small as a 30m pack. These are generally available for next day delivery provided you order before midday.

Call our sales office for a competitive price today on 01582 883883


Transam Extrusions manufacture a huge range of UPVC pipes from 8mm outside diameter to 125mm in wall thickness from 0.5mm to 4mm. We have literally hundreds of tools on the shelf.

We do not stock UPVC pipes and only make to order - we can cater for runs as low as 500m and our turnaround is surprisingly quick.

Call our sales office on 01582 883883 for advise and prices.