Non Toxic Anti Static Polyurethane Ducting Hose



High flexibility PU ducting hose, reinforced with a rigid crush resistant grey PVC helix. Food grade FDA approved.

This product has a 9 strand copper wire coated with polyurethane and bonded to the outside of the hose, allowing for the discharge of static electricity.

Its very tough, flexible and durable and maintains good flow characteristics due to its smooth bore.

Polyether Polyurethane. Manufactured in the UK.

Sizes up to 152mm (6") available in 20m coils

Sizes over 152mm (6") available in 10m coils


  • Colour: Clear.
  • Temp Range: -25C - + 85C
  • Tough, flexible and extremely durable.
  • Crush resistant
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Non toxic, FDA approved.