Polyurethene & Advanced TPR's

Polyurethene & Advanced TPR's




Pneumatic Polyurethane Tubing is a highly robust yet flexible product with good abrasion and chemical resistance.  It's high flexibility means it can bend through tighter radii than a pneumatic nylon tube and is widely used in the pneumatic industry.


  • Standard 30m coils
  • Sizes from 4mm to 12mm
  • Lightweight & flexible even at low temperatures
  • Operates with a wide range of push fit couplings
  • Temperature range -50°c to + 80°c
  • Resistant to kinks and flattening 
  • Plasticiser free
  • Available in White, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and Black

You can buy as little as a 30m coil of our PPU range at our online shop today for delivery tomorrow.  www.transamshop.co.uk

 We also manufacture bespoke Polyurethane tubes for our clients individual needs.

Polyurethane has excellent resistance to hydrolysis & microbiological attack, good flexibility at low temperatures and has superior wear resistance & high tensile strength. It also has good resistance to chemical attack & the ability to bend through small radii. Working temperature: -20C to +80C. Polyurethane is particularly hard wearing and abrasion resistant.

Our P/U range is usually manufactured to our customers requirements, and are more specialised in their applications.

Our P/U tubes are used in the transfer of petroleum based greases and fuel for use in the agricultural industry or in circumstances where the product is likely to be used in a hostile/high wear environment.

Thermoplastic Rubbers are available in many different variations, the most popular is ‘Santoprene’, which we manufacture for use in water pumps, air pumps, peristaltic pumps and high speed roller coverings. It gives excellent grip and is very hard wearing.