At Transam Extrusions we like to try to respond to our customer’s needs by offering them a complete package, this way we can deliver your goods in the way that you need to receive them.

Whether you want your product cut to length, coiled or packed in a certain way, we will always do our best to achieve our customer's requirements.

Flexible products can be coiled, wound on to wooden drums or hardboard reels, they can even be custom coiled in some circumstances, and all our products can be cut to length with our in line servo fly knife cutters with a high degree of accuracy.


We use reclaimed cardboard boxes and bags for packaging & recycle a lot of our material scrap on site.

Our deliveries are made by reputable national carriers and whether they are parcels or pallets, all are fully traceable and you have the option of a next day or economy service.

We operate a carriage paid service for larger invoice values.

Our extruders use patented barrier screw technology which gives a high quality look and feel to our extrusions.

We can cut accurately and consistently to very low tolerances on our flexible pipes and profiles and can make as many cuts as 2500 per minute.

We can offer the choice again of cut length accuracy on our rigid materials with our modern servo saws. We can even cut rigid pipes as big as 125mm with a 0.5mm wall, the cut is perfectly clean and swarf free when using our planetary cutters.

We are able to co extrude and can manufacture rigid and flexible profiles from the most simple shapes to some of the more intricate, our bespoke vacuum baths give us the ultimate in cooling and vacuum control.

We can also punch holes and shapes in profiles and drill holes in profiles and pipes, print any information that you may require on your product and even attach self-adhesive backing.

We pride ourselves on purchasing only brand new machinery from the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers, and use some of the following suppliers:

  • Davis Standard & Co Ltd
  • Gillard & Co Ltd
  • Gatfield Systems
  • Boston Matthews
  • Cooper Plastics Machinery Ltd
  • Rotech Machines Ltd


  • April 2013 - Davis Standard High speed haul off
  • April 2014 - Gillard HD40 Servo fly knife cutter
  • Nov 2014 - Gatfield servo Planetary cutter
  • Jan 2015 - Complete Davis standard profile line including 50mm single screw extruder, 100mm profile bath, servo controlled heavy duty haul off and servo saw.
  • Jan 2015 - Gatfield Systems Servo driven Planetary cutter
  • May 2016 - Gillard servo Saw
  • Jan 2017 Davis Standard 50mm Extruder
  • Aug 2018 Cooper Systems cooling bath
  • Jan 2019 Boston Matthews 60mm Extruder
  • June 2020 Davis Standard 60mm Extruder
  • June 2020 Cooper Plastics 6m Downstream cooling bath
  • June 2020 Cooper Plastics Auto coiler